Silent Forest

A title sequence for a fictional film about a story that takes place in a secluded village on the outskirts of the Forest of Thanatosia, known to it’s villagers as the Silent Forest. Many generations have lived off its cherished and fruitful land. However, every seven years, their peaceful lives are disturbed when the witch of the Silent Forest reigns terror over the village by capturing two innocent children that will be sacrificed for her quest to maintain power and immortality. It has been seven years since the last children were lost to the evil witch and the village awaits their children’s doom.

The art direction for this title sequence was chosen to evoke a transitioning feeling from the whimsical innocence of the village children to the dark fate that awaits them.  This was established through the colour script of the piece going from a bright, playful mood to dark, eerie tones. The use of artistically hand-made miniature sets lures the audience into the world of fairytales, while The hand-written typography compliments the craft aesthetic of the piece

Role: Production Design, Art Direction, Motion, Typography
Co-Director & Editing: Robert Huynh
Tools: Canon 5D Mark II, Adobe After Effects, Premiere

Colour Story





  • November 2012
  • Title Sequence
  • Motion Design
  • Typography
  • Live Action